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Indestructible Hulk Volume 2 : Gods & Monster Premiere HC

Mark Waid
Walt Simonson

Superstar creator Walter Simonson returns to his signature character: the mighty Thor! When Bruce Banner takes his lab team to Jotunheim, it can mean only one thing: Hulk vs. Frost Giants! Thor joins the fray, but what’s wrong with the God of Thunder — and why doesn’t he recognize Hulk? As the Frost Giants prepare to invade Earth, not even Hulk and Thor can stand in their way — so they’ll have to call in some help!

Plus: Hulk takes on urban crime, and takes the witness stand, as the secrets of Matt Murdock and Bruce Banner’s friendship are revealed! Daredevil guest-stars as the Hulk experiences blind rage! Collecting Indestructible Hulk issues #6 to 10, written by Mark Waid, pencilled by Walter Simonson and Matteo Scalera, with cover artwork by Walter Simonson.

Marvel, hardback, 136 pages, published September 2013


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