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Brad Bird
 The city of Municiburg is protected by many superheroes, but its main champion is the ultra strong Mr. Incredible, who always works alone. But things go awry for Mr. Incredible and the rest of the supers when they are hit with a series of lawsuits brought by those they once saved. In an effort to defuse the situation, the government steps in and creates a program to relocate the supers and put them into hiding, in exchange for their promise never to use their powers again.

Mr. Incredible is forced to resume the life of his secret identity, Bob Parr. But family life and the daily nine-to-five aren't enough for Bob, who takes to sneaking out and doing "superhero work" in the evenings with his good friend Lucius, who used to be known as Frozone.

These evening outings cause problems for Bob at home. But things take an unexpected turn when Bob is contacted by a mysterious woman named Mirage who wants to recruit Bob for some top-secret superhero work... This is adapted from the fabulous Oscar-winning Pixar movie.

Dark Horse, trade paperback, 96 pages, published September 2005


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