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Incredible Hulks : Dark Son

Greg Pak
Tom Raney

All his life, the Hulk has wanted to be left alone — but now, he’s got a big, bad family to keep up with! After the events of World War Hulks, Hulk is joined by his son from “Planet Hulk,” Skaar; his daughter from an alternate future, Lyra; the cousin he’s known and loved for ages, She-Hulk; and his best friend, Rick Jones, now in the gamma-charged form of A-Bomb. Oh, and don’t forget his first wife and long-time love, Betty Banner — transformed into the ragingly embittered Red She-Hulk.

They’d better stick together no matter how uncomfortable this new arrangement may be for all concerned, because one more addition to the family is making his way across the galaxy: the world-shattering Hiro-Kala — twin brother to Skaar, son to Hulk and unknown to either. But not for long! Collecting Incredible Hulks #612-617, written by Greg Pak & Scott Reed, pencilled by Tom Raney, Barry Kitson & Brian Ching, with a cover by Carlo Pagulayan.

Marvel, paperback, 160 pages, published August 2011



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