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Incredible Hulk: Ground Zero

Peter David
Todd McFarlane

Collecting the run that brought new success to the Hulk in  stories by,  maybe the Hulk's greatest writer,  Peter David and artist Todd Mcfarlane. What do you do when you discover that a weapon you created years ago - a weapon so devastating that you assumed it would never be used - is being manufactured and stockpiled by the U.S. government?

An incredibly destructive bomb that was detonated only once before, and in that detonation, unleashed upon humanity one of the most formidable monsters ever created... a gray-skinned brute known as: The Incredible Hulk. If you're physicist Robert Bruce Banner, and the weapon in question is the Gamma Bomb, then you're haunted by the spectre of more gamma-irradiated creatures, and more death and destruction, being placed at your doorstep. So, with the aid of long-time associate Rick Jones and a conscience-stricken SHIELD agent named Clay Quatermain, you roam the country in a high-tech van, trying to find where the government has stashed the bombs and determine a way to put an end to them. 

And, if you're Bruce Banner, you face many obstacles. For you're on the run from government agents who want to head off your "misguided" intentions; not to mention the recently re-created arch-villain The Leader, and his henchmen, Rock and Redeemer - plus the deadly gamma bomb-spawned creature known as Half-Life. 

Reprints the Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) issues #340 - #346, featuring artwork from Peter David, Artists: Todd McFarlane, Jim Sanders, Erik Larsen and Bob Wiacek.

Marvel, paperback, 176 pages, publsihed May 2001


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