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Incredible Hulk Epic Collection : Fall of Pantheon

Peter David
John Estes
Hulk goes to Hel and back! First, Hulk and the Pantheon face a painful — and all too human — loss. But Hela herself soon claims the Hulk in an Asgardian underworld epic! Then, it’s the end of an era as the Pantheon is torn apart from within! Agamemnon stands trial, one among them falls and the Hulk’s rage transforms him into a savage…Bruce Banner?! 
While Doc Samson strives to save Bruce’s mind, Betty battles for her life — and the stage is set for a new status quo. In hiding and struggling to remain calm, the Hulk takes on Man-Thing, the Abomination and the Punisher! 
Plus: Hulk shares a symbiotic showdown with Venom and joins Hank Pym and the Wasp in a true Tale to Astonish! Collecting Tales To Astonish (1994) #1, Incredible Hulk Vs. Venom and Incredible Hulk (1968) issues #420-435, written by Peter David, with art by John Estes & Various.
Marvel, paperback, 496 pages, published January 2018 







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