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Incredible Hulk : Crossroads

Bill Mantlo
Mike Mignola

Banished to the mysterious and dangerous Crossroads by Dr. Strange, the Hulk fights his way back from the edge of insanity; battles the U-Foes, the N'Garai, Klaatu, the Puffball Collective and more; fights alongside newfound friends like the Lady of Life in the City of Death; and comes face to face with three aspects of his own shattered psyche as Bruce Banner struggles to reassert control over his savage alter ego and come to terms with his haunted past!


Plus: The story of Banner's birth, and how his tragic childhood shaped the monster within, is revealed! And longtime INCREDIBLE HULK artist Sal Buscema wraps up his decade-long run! The Jade Giant is truly at the crossroads of his life! Collecting INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) #301-313 and ANNUAL #13, and ALPHA FLIGHT (1983) #29, written by BILL MANTLO, pencilled by SAL BUSCEMA, ALAN KUPPERBERG, BRET BLEVINS & MIKE MIGNOLA, featuring cover artwork by MIKE MIGNOLA.


Marvel, paperback, 384 pages, published May 2013


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