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Incredible Hulk By Jason Aaron Volume 1

Jason Aaron
Marc Silvestri

Dr. Bruce Banner spent years seeking to rid himself of the monster inside. The Hulk succeeded where Banner failed. Separated at last, Hulk has found the peace he always craved, welcomed as a saviour by the subterranean Moloids. But Banner is more tormented than ever, desperate to recover that which has been torn from him. He’s created an island full of gamma-irradiated oddities in his futile bid to transform himself back into the Hulk, and now he’s on the hunt for the green goliath himself.

How far is Banner willing to go to be the Hulk once more? What deal with which devil did Hulk strike to separate them in the first place? And when the dust clears, who will be left standing as the strongest one there is? Collecting Incredible Hulk (2011) issues #1 to 7 and material from Fear Itself #7, written by Jason Aaron, pencilled by Mike Choi, Marc Silvestri, Michael Broussard and Whilce Portacio, with cover artwork by Marc Silvestri.

Marvel, paperback, 176 pages, published December 2012


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