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Incredible Hercules : Assault On New Olympus Premiere Hardcover

Greg Pak
Rodney Buchemi

Hercules! Spider-Man! Ares! New Avengers! Wolverine! Mighty Avengers! The Agents of Atlas! If there's a bigger event this fall, we don't know what it could be! At long last, the Prince of Power takes the fight to his villainous stepmother Hera and the forces of the Olympus Group -- just as she unleashes the most terrifying threat the Marvel Universe has ever seen! A battle of god-like proportions begins!

For months, the signs have been all over the Marvel Universe...The tension has been rising...All pointing to a single question: "What is Continuum?" The answer turns out to be so deadly, so horrifying, that it will alter the course of the MU forever -- unless Hercules and the New and Mighty Avengers can stop it in time...but standing in their way is the fighting-mad ARES, God of War!"

Collecting Incredible Hercules #138 to 142 and Assault On New Olympus Prologue, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, pencilled by Rodney Buchemi, with a cover by Adi Granov.

Marvel, hardback, 128 pages, published May 2010


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