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In the Starlight Volume 1

Kyungok Kang
Kyungok Kang

As a beautiful and intelligent 17-year-old, Shinae attracts the attention of Donghoon, whose uncle works with the Ministry of Science. As it happens, Donghoon’s uncle is in charge of finding a home for a visiting foreigner... who has ESP! The teenage girl, Sarah, has left her home in America to get away from all the strange looks people give her because they don’t understand her powers.


Sarah is accompanied by her guardian, Radion, a handsome, long-haired young man who makes Shinhae forget all about Donghoon. The girls get off on the wrong foot when Sarah endangers Shinhae with her ESP tantrums, but they eventually become close friends. Shinhae has barely come to terms with the existence of ESP when a UFO lands near her home! Will Shinhae survive the alien invasion?


Netcomics, paperback, 224 pages, published April 2007


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