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The Immortal : Demon in the Blood

Ian Edginton

After a swordfight, Amane, a young samurai with a haunted past, is left for dead--only to be saved by a mysterious tattooist who imbues Amane with the immortal spirit of an oni demon. From that day on, Amane ages no more.


Amane learns of another with a similar oni--one that requires its host to kill--which leads Amane to the realization that the "other" is the man who murdered his sister years ago. But when his decades-long quest for the murderer causes him to cross paths with a maniacal serial killer intent on murdering the woman Amane loves, the only one who can help him is the man who killed his sister.


Collects the four-issue miniseries, written by Ian Edginton, with pencils byVicenc Villagrasa, inks and colouring by Jose Luis Rao and featuring cover artwokr by Long Vo.

Dark Horse, paperback, 96 pages, published October 2012


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