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I'm Never Coming Back Hardcover

Julian Hanshaw
Julian Hanshaw

I’m Never Coming Back is a collection of surreal, comic and mournful interweaving tales travelling across three continents, by Observer/Cape/Comic award winning Julian Hanshaw. In each destination we zoom in on unusual lives and remarkable situations, with each tale unknowingly impacting the next.

In Rye train station a woman impulsively buys the same ticket as the man in front of her. A novel way to run away from home, the accidental journey leads her to Berlin. At Heathrow Airport, a building perpetually busy with people coming and going, a traveller is visited by a memory that refuses to leave.

A tray of Singapore rice noodles cooked up in Christchurch takes on a life of its own. Winchelsea. A lone letterbox in Britain’s only desert is central to a friendship between a travelling chef and a deep-sea diver. An old man realises that time is running out in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Elsewhere an out-of-towner meets a crab at a taco stand who seems to know more than any crab has a right to know. The “sound mirrors of Denge” reflect more than noise for one day-tripper. And on Johnston Island a man struggles to hold onto his fading memories as his house slowly fills with pollen. Test Match Special seems to be the only foothold in reality…

Jonathan Cape, hardback, 112 pages, published May 2012 


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