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Hulk By John Byrne & Ron Garney

John Byrne
Ron Garney

Legendary creator John Byrne collaborates with a host of top-tier talent to deliver a Hulk saga unlike any other. Join the Green Goliath as he journeys to the American heartland — and into his own troubled past — and encounters friend and foe alike. Featuring Iron Man and the Avengers; a shape-shifting faux Wolverine; and Greenskin’s old sparring partner, the Thing! The Hulk may want to be left alone, but that ain’t gonna happen with this colossal cast of characters!

Collecting Hulk (1999) issues #1-11 and Annual 1999, written by John Byrne, Erik Larsen, Ron Garney, Jerry Ordway & Ron Frenz, pencilled by John Byrne, Ron Garney, Dan Jurgens, Sal Buscema, Mark Texiera, Mike S. Miller & Lee Weeks, with cover artwork by Ron Garney.

Marvel, paperback, 328 pages, published December 2011


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