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How Loathsome

Ted Naifeh
Ted Naifeh
 The new series by the artist of Gloom Cookie and Courtney Crumrin! Do the town with gender outlaw Catherine Gore and her disreputable friends. It's Friday night and Catherine is dragged to an S&M play party to see what passes for sex these days. There, the beautiful, enigmatic fem fatale Chloe takes Catherine by surprise. Chloe is a girl with a secret.

Catherine is intrigued, and the two form a tight bond. But is it love, or desperate obsession? Part "Queer as Folk," part "Trainspotting," this deeply personal, sexually bizarre, drug-addled adventure is a gothic exploration of the not-so obvious nature of gender. Collecting the 4 issue mini-series. This was in Advocate Magazine's top ten Graphic Novels of the Year.

" refreshingly different and startlingly humane that it put other so-called "mature audiences" comics to shame."

"The writing is pitch-perfect in its combination of callow dissent and lost-soul sentimentality, and the black, white, and tan artwork is stylish in a David Bowie-ish way." -Booklist.

NBM, paperback, 96 pages. published April 2004 MATURE READERS


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