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Hotwire Comix and Capers

Glenn Head

Hotwire Comix is a full-throttle, kick-ass jolt to the nervous system, a return to the glory days of underground/alternative comics. Edited by New York cartoonist Glenn Head (who put together the classic 1990s trilogy of Snake Eyes anthologies), Hotwire Comix is a big, bold, beautiful poke to the old eyeballs featuring short, punchy, hilarious, all-around comics ’n’ stories.

Head himself, whose work looks like a demented cross between Robert Williams and Crumb, starts the dance with the epic "Switchblade Shenanigans!” Elsewhere, David Lasky relates “The Last Days of Joe Strummer”; Tony (Maakies) Millionaire contributes a “Little Nemo in Wonderland” style dream story; plus new strips by Max (Death and Candy) Andersson, Tim Lane, Matt Madden, Mats, Brad Johnson, Danny Hellman, Angry Youth Comix’ Johnny “Rolling Stone Cool Cartoonist of the Year” Ryan, Mack White, Judith McNicol, and a six-page-fold-out by Craig (Modern Arf) Yoe.

There’s also an eye-popping colour section, led off by Carol Swain’s “Family Circus” (not a reference to the syndicated strip but a character study of two young girls visiting a circus), with new work by Ivan Brunetti, Sam Henderson, Mike Wartella, and Doug Allen. And R. Sikoryak wraps it up with a new instalment of his letter-perfect parodies of classic literary works retold as cartoons with “Mephistofield” (the devil as a fat, lasagne-eating cat).

Fantagraphics, paperback, 136 pages, published June 2006


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