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Hot Gimmick Vol. 7

Miki Aihara
Miki Aihara

But she says he's just a friend...Well that's not how Ryoki feels. His New Year's fete with our hapless heroine Hatsumi didn't go according to plan, so childhood bully/potential boyfriend Ryoki hightails it back home in a huff. Luckily, Hatsumi's heavenly older brother Shinogu is there to give her a lift back to civilization. A botched burglary at the Narita household leaves Hatsumi panicky and, in an act that goes way against character, Ryoki lends her a hand, but their affections do not go unseen. Will Hatsumi and Ryoki's feelings be able to survive the harsh scrutiny of company-housing life? All this and more in Volume 7 of Hot Gimmick, one of the most talked about new shôjo titles from Japan.

Viz, 192 pages, published Nov 2004


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