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Hot Gimmick Vol. 12

Miki Aihara
Miki Aihara

Normally, most teenage girls would be beside themselves with joy to have not one but three hot-as-they-want-to-be men in their lives, and if that were all that mattered, Hatsumi Narita would have been crowned Queen of Happiness a long time ago. But such is not the case. Her hunky childhood friend (now an über-studly male model) has tried to ruin her life on several occasions, her dreamy older (and adopted) brother wants to run off with her, and her cute on-again, off-again ad infinitum boyfriend continues to be the world's biggest jerk. Who on earth will she finally choose? Or will Hatsumi remain hopelessly hapless to the bitter end?

All this and more in the heart-pounding final volume of Miki Aihara's Hot Gimmick, one of the most talked-about shôjo manga in both America and Japan!

Viz, 192 pages, published Sep 2006


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