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Hippie Hippie Shake

Richard Neville

As publisher of the notorious satirical magazine, OZ - the hippies’ handbook and monument to psychedelia - Richard Neville was at the centre of the 1960’s cyclone of idealists, rock musicians, radicals, artists, hustlers and high society. He almost managed to remain objective through it all, frequently startling even close admirers with his original views and witty candour.


Known for its controversial features and arresting design, OZ was at the forefront of the underground movement. It featured articles by Germaine Greer, groundbreaking design by pop artist Martin Sharp, cartoons by Robert McCrumb, and was the magazine that started the career of Felix Dennis.


When OZ was tried for obscenity at the Old Bailey, John Lennon and Yoko Ono marched in protest and John Peel, George Melly and Edward de Bono were among its defendants. In Hippie Hippie Shake, Richard Neville demythologises the 1960’s in a funny, colourful and provocative memoir of the times. It was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius ...and then the hash hit the fan.


Duckworth, paperback, 384 pages, published January 2009


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