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Higher Earth Volume 1

Sam Humphries

Space is dead. Why conquer other planets when there's a perfectly good Earth in the universe next door? Heidi, a girl born in garbage. Rex, a soldier gone rogue. The only thing between them and their destiny is an empire of a hundred different Earths, across a hundred alternate timelines. One majestic planet dominates them all: Higher Earth.

Created and written by Sam Humphries (Our Love Is Real, Marvel's The Ultimates, Fanboys Vs. Zombies), Higher Earth Volume 1 collects the first five issues of the sold out series, featuring arresting art by Francesco Biagini (Elric: The Balance Lost). Also includes Higher Earth #5, the secret origin issue, drawn by Morning Glories fan-favourite artist, Joe Eisma! Featuring cover artwork from Frazer Irving.

Boom, paperback, 128 pages, published November 2012


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