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Fay Ryu
Fay Ryu

Hello visually conveys a version of an empty and chaotic modern life. Within this world, the reader follows an anonymous, faceless woman and her struggle to step away from the easiness of her prescribed path. A critique on the constant bombardment of images and prescribed roles, Hello champions the search for and struggle to achieve individuality. Hello was made possible by the good folk who administer the Xeric Grant trust.

"For all its abstraction, though, the cityscapes have a great deal of detail to them also, and often get twisted out of perspective and proportion to match the mood. I don't know if there's anything here that could be called a plot in the traditional sense - we see a character, perhaps female, bombarded by words within the cityscape meant to emphasize the hardships and oppressive atmosphere of the world…
Perhaps her cry of "Hello" is an assertion of her individuality - her way of saying she's alive and she exists and she's more than just a random face in the crowd..." Rich Watson, Comic World News.

Chuleta Press, paperback, 88 pages, published November 2005


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