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Hector Umbra Hardcover

Uli Oesterle
Uli Oesterle

Munich, present day. Master DJ Osaka Best has disappeared, mysteriously vanishing in a flash of blinding light during the climax of his set at Robot Mitchum nightclub. Enter, Hector Umbra—Osaka’s best friend and artist-turned-detective—to solve the mystery of a lifetime.

61 hours, seven packs of cigarettes and countless phone calls later, Hector springs into action, turning over every dirty stone in Munich on the hunt for the displaced DJ. It soon transpires that all is not as it seems, and our hard-boiled painterly protagonist finds himself embroiled in a plot involving religious freaks, villainous Elvis impersonators, aliens and even the dead themselves.

The first of German creator Uli Oesterle’s long-form works to appear in English, Hector Umbra combines sci-fi, occult, noir and culbland influences in one explosive narrative. With a visual style reminiscent of Mike Mignola, English-speaking readers of all varieties are sure to fall in love with Oesterle’s work.


Uli Oesterle is a comic artist and illustrator based in Munich. Known for his work with publishers including Dark House and Germany’s Carlsen, his powerful and distinctive illustration had made him well-known throughout European comics. Much of the inspiration for Uli’s work comes from Munich’s night-life, and in 1994 he co-founded the collective “Die Artillerie” within the city—now one of the most famous illustration studios in Germany.



Oesterle skilfully employs the stylistic devices of the detective novel and science fiction. He also enriches his abstruse and mysterious adventure by taking critical sideswipes at the widespread dissemination of conspiracy theories, the sensationalism of the media and the fashion fixation of club culture.” Matthias Schneider - Goethe Institute


Blank Slate Books, hardback, 224 pages, published November 2011




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