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Harvey Comics Treasury Volume 2

Larz Bourne
Warren Kremer

Look out, it’s Hot Stuff! Following on the heels of the fabulously successful five-volume Harvey Comics Classics, Dark Horse is proud to present this new series of books, each containing two hundred pages of stunning, full-colour reprints from the golden years of Harvey Comics!


Hot Stuff, the irascible little devil with a heart of gold, joins his friends Stumbo the Giant and Herman and Katnip in some of the best-loved classic kid comics of all time! Harvey Comics, one of the most successful of the children’s comics publishers, created a veritable who’s who of comic stars, such as Hot Stuff, Casper, and Richie Rich, plus many more. Written by Larz Bourne and Izzy Klein, with art by Warren Kremer, Dave Tendlar, Martin Taras and others.

Dark Horse, paperback, 200 pages, published August 2010


  Also in this series: Harvey Comics Treasury Volume 1: Casper the Friendly Ghost


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