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Harlequin Violet - Response

Betty Neels
Kako Itoh
Dark Horse Manga and Harlequin Books (the US version of Mills & Boon) are delighted to present a shining new line of books that marry two of the most successful phenomena to hit bookstores: best-selling Harlequin romance fiction and female-friendly Japanese manga!

These sparkling manga adaptations of Harlequin's best-selling titles are a romantic step above much of the cookie-cutter Manga hitting the shelves today. Response takes a sexy look at love in the workplace. Sure, you shouldn't date your boss, but what if he's really, really hot?

Sienna is a temp hired at a busy London firm. In a stroke of luck, she's assigned to work with Alex, who's smart, sexy, and interested in her! But there may be much more to his attentions than he's letting on. Will Sienna learn the startling truth behind their relationship; and if she does, will their love survive?

Dark Horse, paperback, 106 pages, published December 2005


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