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Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor Volume 2

Harlan Ellison
Eric Shanower

Written by Harlan Ellison and others, art by Eric Shanower and others, with a cover by Brian Bolland. Ten years! Ten years of pain and gnashing of teeth! Ten years of deprivation and desolation! But the wait is over, at last! Yes, it is the ultimate, spectacular, senses-shattering, clobbering-time final damn volume of the Dream Corridor, hosted by the ever charming and irascible Harlan Ellison, and you can finally kiss those ten years of torment good-bye!


 At long last, see Harlan crucified! See Harlan disembowelled! See Harlan used as target practice and served up in stew! Pour yourself an otherworldly cocktail, with a pinch of Geritol for all those years, and snuggle down into the Dream Corridor!


Your host for this amazing final volume is of course HE himself, not just the most award-winning-est author on the planet but now his very own registered trademark! Aiding and abetting Harlan in his own destruction is the Eisner-winning Best Artist Eric Shanower, as they introduce each of ten fabulist tales in this volume with a fabulous tale of their own.


Too cranky to go down without a fight, the man who needs no introduction presents this brand-new collection of his own stories, written and drawn by the likes of Mark Waid, Gene Ha, Steve Rude, Steve Niles, Paul Chadwick, Gene Colan, and more, including the very last work ever by Superman artist Curt Swan. Come on in, throw a few knives, pull up alongside Hemingway and Einstein for a game of poker, and gamble on enjoying your stay in the Dream Corridor… because you may never return…


Damn, but this is exciting! Harlan Ellison ranks up there as one of the best writers of the last fifty years – not just in SF, in any form of literature in my humble opinion. And look at some of the folks he has working with him for this volume – oh, this is going to be something very special.


Dark Horse, paperback, 152 pages, published March 2007


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