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Guru Guru Pon Chan Volume 1

Satomi Ikezawa
Satomi Ikezawa

Ponta is a puppy with the magical ability to turn into a girl. Now she's attending high school and living with the Koizumi family. Understanding little about the human world leads Ponta into all sorts of trouble, so it's a good thing her boyfriend Mirai is usually there to bail her out! "Ruff Ruff Life": Ponta is a Labrador retriever puppy, the Koizumi family's pet. She's full of energy and usually up to some kind of mischief. But when Grandpa Koizumi, an amateur inventor, creates the Guru Guru Bone, Ponta's curiosity causes trouble. She nibbles the bone - and turns into a human girl! Surprised but undaunted, Ponta ventures out of the house and meets Mirai Iwaki, the most popular boy at school.


When Mirai saves her from a speeding car, Ponta changes back into her puppy self. Yet, much has changed for Ponta during her short adventure as a human. Her heart races and her face flushes when she thinks of Mirai now. She's in love! Using the power of the Guru Guru Bone, Ponta switches back and forth from dog to girl - but can she win Mirai's affections? This shōjo (girl’s) book is the winner of the Kodansha Manga of the Year Award.


Tanoshimi, paperback, 224 pages, published August 2006


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