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Gumby Volume 1

When Gumby helps some mistreated clowns from the Circus he's not prepared for the trouble and fun he lands into along the way getting them back, and the little green boy of clay feels the first pangs of a crush! Next, Gumby wants a cool pair of Uber Boots to impress the girl next door, Cuddles, so he has to get a job. Then, he falls under a spell and becomes a Golem. Can the man in black save Gumby before it's too late?

And Gumby, Pokey and Geranimo search for the Ringmaster who hypnotized Gumby's parents. They find him and more battling to save Earth! Collecting issues # 1 - 3, as well as a peek into Rick Geary's sketchbook and unpublished Gumby artwork. Brought to you by Bob Burden, Rick Geary and Steve Oliff.

Wildcard Ink, paperback, 120 pages, published January 2008


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