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Gum Girl Book 3 : Countdown To Destruction!

Andi Watson
Andi Watson

Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day – especially for tidying rooms, doing chores and homework. But when the school bell goes before lunch has even begun, and at break time before there's even a chance to play (plus there's a dodgy-looking van zapping things hidden round the corner) Grace knows something really must be up!


Taking on her super stretchy guise as Gum Girl, Grace sets out to investigate. Not only is Doctor Tick Tock stealing Time and bottling it for his own use, the Roller Derby coach has explosive plans to flatten the whole of Catastrophe, and one of the ex-Evil Genius After School Club members has devised an almost irreversible anti-gravity that will test all of Gum Girl's bubble blowing skills. Find out how Gum Girl tackles the mayhem in another terrific addition to her adventures.

Walker Books, paperback, 64 pages, published April 2013


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