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Grimm Fairy Tales Presents : The Library

Joe Brusha
Gio Timpano

Exploring an incredible alternate reality of the Grimm Fairy Tales Universe! When fourteen year old Sela Mathers discovers an ancient magic book in an old library, her and her younger brother cast a spell that unlocks the amazing worlds and characters from the books and novels around them.

Hercules, Robin Hood and Pecos Bill all come magically to life. But heroes aren’t the only characters affected as Villains also begin to appear. Soon the children find themselves in a race against time to reverse the spell as evil characters such as Frankenstein, Baba Yaga and the Wicked Witch of the West threaten to take over the world. Written by Joe Brusha, with art by Gio Timpano and a cover by Joe Pekar.

Zenescope, paperback, 184 pages, published December 2011


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