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Green River Killer : a True Detective Story Hardcover

Jeff Jensen
Jonathan Case

The story of one of America’s most notorious killers is revealed in this true-crime comic unlike any other!
Throughout the 1980s, the highest priority of Seattle-area police was the apprehension of the Green River Killer, the man responsible for the murders of dozens of women. In 1990, with the body count numbering at least forty-eight, the case was put in the hands of a single detective, Tom Jensen. After twenty years, when the killer was finally captured with the help of DNA technology, Jensen spent 180 days interviewing Gary Leon Ridgway in an effort to learn his most closely held secrets—an epic confrontation with evil that proved as disturbing and surreal as can be imagined.


Written by Jensen’s own son, acclaimed entertainment writer Jeff Jensen, Green River Killer: A True Detective Story, presents the ultimate insider's account of America's most prolific serial killer. Combines a historic real-life manhunt with a compelling family story, the ultimate true crime graphic novel for fans of From Hell and Torso.


Dark Horse, paperback, 240 pages, published September 2011


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