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Green Lantern : Rage of the Red Lanterns Hardcover

Geoff Johns

The War of Light begins in this hardcover collection; first, a ruthless, by-the-books new task force of Green Lanterns known as the Alpha Lanterns is born, creating tension within the heroic ranks of the Green Lantern Corps. Then, Hal Jordan battles for his life when the Red Lantern Corps, a brutal brigade of monsters fuelled by rage, attacks!

But nothing could prepare the heroes for the arrival of even more coloured Lanterns! Featuring some of today’s best artists including Shane Davis (Superman/Batman), Ivan Reis (Green Lantern) and Mike McKone (Teen Titans). Collects Green Lantern issues #26 to 28, #36 to 38 and Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns #1. Written by Geoff Johns, with art by Shane Davis, Sandra Hope, Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert, Mike McKone and Andy Lanning; features cover artwork by Shane Davis.

DC, hardback, 176 pages, published July 2009


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