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Gravel Volume 3 : The Last King Of England Hardcover

Warren Ellis
Mike Wolfer

It's never a dull day, being the last king of Britain's magicians, and before this bloody day is through, Combat Magician William Gravel will be rocked to the foundations of his beliefs and powers of the occult. After his systematic and murderous elimination of the members of both the Minor Seven and the Major Seven, Gravel now stands supreme, but being the King is not as glamorous as it sounds.

He's reformed the Minor Seven, filling their ranks with young, working-class occult detectives, but their powers and Gravel's own leadership skills are about to be put to the test when a twisted, demented magician who didn't make the cut decides to show Gravel the error of passing him up for selection.

To complicate his life even further, the British Government is breathing heavily down Gravel's neck as the body count of innocent British citizens rises. But is Downing Street's concern solely for public safety related to Bible Jack's terrorist attacks on London, or is it something more politically-motivated?

Collecting issues #15-21 of the Gravel series, this incredible and violent chapter in the Gravel saga completes the three-part story arc that began in Gravel Volume 1: Bloody Liars and continued in Gravel Volume 2: The Major Seven, written by  Warren Ellis and Mike Wolfer, with art by Mike Wolfer.This special hardback edition is limited to only 1500 copies.

Avatar, paperback, 176 pages, published November 2010



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