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Good-Bye Hardcover (new edition)

Designed and edited by one of today’s most popular cartoonists, Adrian Tomine, Good-Bye is the third volume (following from Push Man and then Abandon the Old in Tokyo) in a groundbreaking new series that collects Tatsumi’s short stories about Japanese urban life. Drawn in 1971 and 1972, these stories expand the prolific artist’s vocabulary for characters contextualized by themes of depravity and disorientation in twentieth-century Japan.

Some of the tales focus on the devastation the country felt directly as a result of World War II - a prostitute loses all hope when American GIs go home to their wives; a man devotes twenty years of his life to preserving the memory of those killed at Hiroshima, only to discover a horrible misconception at the heart of his tribute.

Yet, while American influence does play a role in the disturbing and bizarre stories contained within this volume, it is hardly the overriding theme. A philanthropic foot fetishist, a rash-ridden retiree, and a lonely public onanist are but a few of the characters etching out darkly nuanced lives in the midst of isolated despair and fleeting pleasure.

Drawn & Quarterly, hardback, 208 pages, published April 2010 (new edition)




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