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Godland Volume 2 : Another Sunny Delight

Joe Casey
Tom Scioli

As Commander Adam Archer begins to understand his galactic destiny, more secrets are revealed to him, including the origin of the universe and the mystery behind Iboga! A truly surreal collection of mind-bending stories featuring all-new adversaries like the Tormentor, King Janus and the Never! Not to mention fan-favourite baddies, Basil Cronus and Friedrich Nickelhead!

Forget about any other so-called "cosmic" comics out there - Gødland is the 21st Century original. Written by Joe Casey with art by Tom Scioli and a cover by Scioli and Richard Starkings. Collects issues #7 through 12 of the hit series and includes a bonus short Gødland story from the 2005 Image Holiday Special.

"I can't recommend this book more highly to anyone out there with a brain, a sense of humour, and a taste for classic comic absurdity." -

"A raw dose of uncut creativity, Gødland is the sort of comic you don't so much read as visually inject into your eyeballs. Sure, it's crazy as hell... but it's the kind of crazy that comics need." -- Ninth Art.

"… each successive issue brings about a greater, denser display of extraterrestrial razzle-dazzle." - Broken Frontier.

Image, paperback, 152 pages, published September 2006



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