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Glister : The Family Tree

Andi Watson
Andi Watson

This is the fourth book in this delightfully quirky and funny series for girls told in comic-strip and featuring Glister Butterworth - girl-magnet for the weird and unusual. Glister and her father live at Chilblain Hall - home to an orchard with a remarkable collection of trees. Not least, the very special Butterworth Tree. It is said that when the Butterworth Tree blooms, a bumper crop of Butterworth relatives from past, present and future will fall. Of course, Glister longs to have a big family and dreams of cosseting aunts and devoted uncles, hoping upon hope that the tree may even bear fruit of the famed Butterworth Giant...Then, one day, her dream finally comes true.


Indeed, a bumper crop of relatives does fall, but they are not so keen on playing Happy Families and soon Glister needs a swift and effective plan to stop the Butterworths from pulling themselves and Chilblain Hall apart, with quite astonishing results! Glister is a charming and eccentric, resourceful and intelligent little female heroine who will find fans in new readers as well as the many followers of Andi Watson too. Andi's distinctive illustration style, his fresh take on fairytale storytelling, and his imaginative design and layout, make the "Glister" series of books standout works of illustrated fiction.

Andi Watson is a British comics creator, both writing and illustrating his own material. Andi has been nominated for the prestigious Eisner Award - a prize given for creative achievement in comic books, and celebrates the best that the comics artform has to offer - and for a Harvey Award - an award which recognizes outstanding works in comics and sequential art. As well as working on his own books Andi has written and illustrated for Marvel, DC and Dark Horse. He lives in Worcester and Glister is his first series for Walker Books.


Walker Books, paperback, 80 pages, published April 2010


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