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Ghost Recon Wildlands The Fallen Angel Figurine

Bolivia, a few years in the future. This beautiful South American country has become the biggest producer of cocaine in the world. The Santa Blanca cartel, which has turned the country into a narco-state, is on the brink of becoming a mafia-run superpower and already a worldwide threat.

Open warfare is not the answer - only a discreet, carefully-planned, deadly approach can stop this evil at its base. Ghost unit, the legendary team of US Special Forces, has been sent into enemy territory to break the alliance between the cartel and the corrupt government. They will have to overcome moral dilemmas and face difficult combat situations in order to succeed in their mission...
From the game Ghost Recon Wildlands: "Fallen Angel", directly inspired by the iconic statue of Santa Muerte seen in the game. A symbol of protection in the fictional world of Ghost Recon® Wildlands, this divine figure is both feared and revered by the members of the Santa Blanc cartel.

This figurine is a work of art. Stands 25 cm tall.



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25cm Tall


Ghost Recon



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