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Gettysburg : the Graphic Novel

C.M. Butzer
C.M. Butzer

"...government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth...".


Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is familiar to all Amerians. But never has his most famous speech, his 271 indelible words, been presented in such a visual and accessible format. Graphic artist and Civil War aficionado C.M. Butzer deftly uses a detailed, comic-book style to depict the Battle of Gettysburg, the national movement to create a memorial there, and the quiet day in November 1863 when Lincoln delivered his galvanizing speech.


Butzer uses only primary sources for the text, drawing from first-person letters and diaries, speeches, and Lincoln's own writing to illuminate this series of historical events. The address itself plays out on over eighteen pages, with every phrase given a visual interpretation that will resonate with young readers.


HarperCollins, 80 pages, published January 2009


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