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Generation X Classic Volume 2


Class is back in session as Generation X returns! First, a recruiting trip to Manhattan turns fatal when the Morlock terrorists Gene Nation target Emma Frost! Then, when Banshee’s ancestral castle vanishes, the students take a field trip that begins in Ireland - and ends somewhere very different! And the school gains a new student in the laid-back Mondo, but what does the new Hellfire Club want with him? And what does Emma’s long-lost sister have to do with its plan?

The Gen X kids barely have time to welcome Mondo into the fold before they’re targeted by Omega Red - but what secret tie does the vicious villain have to Banshee’s past? Pay attention, Gen X - you never know when there’ll be a quiz! Collecting Generation X #5-11 and Annual ’95, and Generation X San Diego Preview, written by Scott Lobdell, Todd Dezago & Jeph Loeb, pencilled by Chris Bachalo, Roger Cruz, Tom Grummett, Val Semeiks, Shawn McManus, Ashley Wood & Jeff Matsuda, with cover art by Michael Golden.

Marvel, paperback, 248 pages, published January 2013


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