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Galaxy Quest - 1:1 Ion Nebulizer & Vox Communication Model Kits

The movie (a parody inspired by the television series Star Trek) is about the washed-up stars of a fictional 1978–1982 TV series called Galaxy Quest. On the show, the actors played the crew of a spaceship, the NSEA Protector and are recruited by aliens who believe that their fictional adventures were real.

In the film's universe, the TV series Galaxy Quest was a highly popular space-drama, until it was cancelled after only four seasons. Seventeen years after the series ended, the stars of the show have been reduced to convention appearances and store openings. Only Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen) the egomaniacal star and crew "commander", enjoys the devoted fan base. His other crew members are less enthusiastic, fed up with being typecast by their roles on the show. At a convention, Jason meets an eccentric group of people claiming to be extraterrestrial beings called "Thermians" led by "Mathesar", who ask him to appear in what he assumes to be an amateur episode. Jason humors them, whereupon the Thermians transport him to their spaceship to negotiate with Sarris, a reptilian warlord engaged in a genocidal war against them. Sarris demands the "Omega 13”, a device mentioned (but not used) in Galaxy Quest's final episode!




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