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Gacha Gacha 3

Kouhei’s childhood friend Kurara returns from her vacation in Hawaii with more than just a tan. It turns out that something went terribly wrong during the time she spent testing the new Gacha Gacha virtual reality technology. As a result, Kurara absorbed the personalities of dozens of video game characters! She never knows what will kick off her next transformation–or which persona she’ll take on next.

Enter Reona Grace Tokiwa, a Japanese-American exchange student who has just transferred into Kouhei and Kurara’s class. Reona is a girl genius– bilingual, brainy, and beautiful . . . and on top of that, she knows Kurara’s secret. Who is the mysterious Reona Grace Tokiwa? Is she really just an exchange student . . . or does she harbor a secret of her own?

Del Rey, paperback, 208 pages, published February 2006



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