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Fubear Studios Hardcover

What is Fubear? Fubear is the schism that exists between "funny ha-ha" and "funny-strange." It is collection of illustrations in one nice, small, square hardcover book that will tie in with the release of the animated short "Meatdog: What's Fer Dinner" to be premiered at Comic-Con and play to the over seven million users of Xbox live this summer.

Oddly, behind Fubear Studios is David Slade, film director of the 2005 thriller and cult hit Hard Candy and the 2007 No.1 box office movie adaptation of the IDW comic 30 Days of Night.

Fubear Studios v 0.1 is a 48-page book of illustrations created by Slade (as his alter-ego Fubear Studios) 2003 and 2008 to illustrate the world of Meatdog and a plethora of characters. Meet "Meatdog" (a dog made of meat cuts); "Bearleftbear" (obsessive-compulsive bear in a car); the "Alienbears" (hungry, carnivorous octarian creatures from another universe); "Drumming Dogs," "Hazmat Bears" from a chemical psychoverse, and many more...

IDW, hardback, 48 pages, published August 2008


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