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From Hell (new edition)

Alan Moore
Eddie Campbell

This was one of the most requested graphic novels - with the comic issues appearing so sporadically many readers waited years for a collected edition so they could read it all. This doesn't disappoint - while not Moore's greatest work it is a very different beast to the mediocre film version and an excellent addition to any Moore fan's shelves, while the always excellent Eddie Campbell delivers some truly atmospheric B&W inked art.

Exploring some of the rumours and half-truths surrounding several bloody weeks in London's East End as Leather Apron stalked the streets - better know to history as Jack the Ripper. Moore's script and Campbell's gritty black and white art instil a real atmosphere of dread among the winding, mist-shrouded streets and pressing poverty.

Knockabout/Top Shelf, paperback, 560 pages, published October 2006 (7th edition)


Another Victorian outing for Moore, this time unrelieved by any of the wry humour or colour of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Quite brilliant and easily the equal of any prose novel, From Hell deals with the myth and history of Jack the Ripper with a reach that spans not only the events themselves but metaphysical implications reaching centuries into both the past and future.

Ghosts and visions, Masonic conspiracy and arcane architecture, painstaking historical research - Moore takes them all in his stride and makes it seem effortless. From Hell grades a little lower in my top ten than League Vol. 1, but only because it seems at times to lose itself too much in overly obsessive background detail and period trivia.
Review by Richard Morgan


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