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From Hell : UK Art Cover

Alan Moore
Eddie Campbell

This was one of the most requested graphic novels - with the comic issues appearing so sporadically many readers waited years for a collected edition so they could read it all. This doesn't disappoint - while not Moore's greatest work it is a very different beast to the mediocre film version and an excellent addition to any Moore fan's shelves, while the always excellent Eddie Campbell delivers some truly atmospheric B&W inked art.

Exploring some of the rumours and half-truths surrounding several bloody weeks in London's East End as Leather Apron stalked the streets - better know to history as Jack the Ripper. Moore's script and Campbell's gritty black and white art instill a real atmosphere of dread among the winding, mist-shrouded streets and pressing poverty.

Knockabout, paperback, 576 pages, published May 2000





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