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Fox Bunny Funny

Andy Hartzell
Andy Hartzell

The rules are simple: you're either a fox or a bunny. Foxes oppress and devour, bunnies suffer and die. Everyone knows their place. Everyone's satisfied. So what happens when a secret desire puts you at odds with your society?


Starting from a simple premise - and without using a single word - Fox Bunny Funny leads the reader on a zigzag chase in and out of rabbit holes, and through increasingly strange landscapes where funny animals have serious identity problems.


The tale swerves from slapstick to horror and back again before landing at the inevitable climax, in which all the old rules are shattered. When you emerge, you'll find yourself gazing at our own fragmenting society with new eyes.


"I was immediately astounded by the intricacy and stark beauty of Fox Bunny Funny. [Andy Hartzell] skilfully creates a world that simultaneously evokes the funny animal milieu and a naturalistic world." Rob Clough, Sequart.


Top Shelf, paperback with French flaps, 104 pages, published June 2007



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