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For the Love of God, Marie!

Jade Sarson
Jade Sarson
For the Love of God, Marie! tackles themes of sexism, body image, gender identity, racism, faith (and doubting it), family and the importance of educating people about sex and their bodies, and shows, with Sarson's exuberant art and trademark lightness of touch, how attitudes have changed over the last fifty years in Britain. Marie is a girl with the gift of understanding, who is often misunderstood, both at home and in her Catholic sixth form, where she confounds her fellow pupils and teachers as she tries to understand and love those few special people who need her help to be themselves. 
But understanding and loving people is harder than it sounds, and Marie soon realises that having faith and living in 1960s Britain doesn't leave much room for those who are different from the norm. They only really leave room for shame, prejudice, and, oh yeah, more shame. So Marie decides to do as she sees fit... with some hilarious, moving, and unexpected results. 
Myriad Editions, paperback, 240 pages, published July 2016 


Myriad Editions


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