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Fluorescent Light Glistens Off Your Head: A Dilbert Collection

Scott Adams
Scott Adams

The notion that Dilbert creator Scott Adams has secretly bugged every office, cubicle, and conference room in America—a belief widely held by Dilbert fans—has been debunked by pointy-haired experts. This discovery leads to an even more sinister yet inescapable conclusion: that the lunacy you thought was unique to your workplace is spreading with a viral malignancy across the nation's business landscape.

Yes, the Corporate America brand of insanity has garnered a majority market share among white-collar managers and so-called leaders at companies large and small. Product features (let's not call them "benefits") of this insanity include inflated executive salaries, irrelevant performance objectives, insipid management fads, inscrutable e-mail, interminable meetings, and oppressive work environments.

Dilbert is the inadvertent poster child for the Corporate America brand. In his 25th collection, he and his power-hungry dog, Dogbert, provide much-needed comic relief to working stiffs toiling in cubicles everywhere. Dilbert is featured in 2,000 newspapers and is read by 150 million fans in 65 countries and 19 languages.

Andrew McMeel, paperback, 128 pages, published May 2005 


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