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Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Volume 1 Hardcover

Frank Thorne
Frank Thorne

Flash Gordon’s classic era in comic books returns in a new archival collection from Dark Horse! Join the handsome and fearless Flash, his clever and capable companion Dale Arden, and eccentric scientist Dr. Zarkov as they face peril and danger in the wild landscapes of the planet Mongo and go head to head with the villainous despot Ming the Merciless!


This archival collection, reprinting seven complete comics originally published from 1947 through 1953, makes a fine addition to any comics library. Ray guns, spaceships, and Silver Age storytelling— it’s all here and it’s all action!

Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Volume 1 collects the earliest issues of Flash’s adventures in a handsome, hardcover format, with contributions from Paul Norris, Jack Lehti, Frank Thorne and others.


Dark Horse, hardback, 312 pages, published August 2010




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