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Final Fantasy XII Play Arts Kai Fran Figure

FINAL FANTASY XII introduced revolutionary features, including seamless 360-degree battles and a gambit system in which the player can input the actions of the supporting party members. The title’s popularity lives on vibrantly in the hearts of its fans. One of the key members of the story is Fran, a viera warrior and partner to the sky pirate Balthier.

Her beautiful dark skin contrasts with her silvery hair for a visage that sets her apart from the other protagonists of FINAL FANTASY XII. We have recreated the tall and agile stature of this warrior, and no details has been spared in accentuating her appeal: her iconic long ears, the paintwork on the ornate armor decorations, translucent pieces to recreate clothing adorned with delicate lace, her favorite bow and arrow - our respect for this beloved character is realized down to every last detail.

Figure includes display stand and interchangeable hand parts.

Figure Size (inches): W3.14 x D3.14 x H12.2 tall



Video Games

Approx 12" Tall

Square Enix


Final Fantasy XII

Deluxe Figure

£129.99  £109.9915 %

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