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Final Fantasy VII Static Arts Bust Sephiroth 19cm

Among the many FINAL FANTASY titles in the series, FINAL FANTASY VII is popular even to this day, with a hotly anticipated HD remake in development. We present you with a bust of Sephiroth, once praised as the strongest SOLDIER.

The wave of his hair, the slight twist in his torso, and the special effect as he activates Meteor, all create a sense of movement. The translucent parts in his silver hair and the paintwork of his subtle grin give this statue a realistic, almost eerie feel.

This bust reminds us of the Sephiroth that burned down the town of Nibelheim, in what would come to be infamously known as the Nibelheim Incident. This atrocity, set five years before the events of FINAL FANTASY VII, is perhaps at the root of all everything that would follow.



Video Games

19cm Tall

Square Enix


Final Fantasy

Mini Bust

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