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Jeremy Love
Robert Love
 Jonathan Fierce, a profiler for the FBI gifted with psychic abilities, failed to stop an explosion which has just killed his team of fellow agents, the only real family he’s ever had. The FBI wants to charge him with the crime. Now he’s being hunted by the Feds and is on the run from the crime syndicate that killed his team.

Miraculously, Fierce can hear the voices of his slain teammates, giving him the skills and abilities to become a one-man strike force. Now he’s going deep under cover into the Jamaican underworld to strike at the heart of the syndicate and uncover the facts behind the conspiracy against him.

Collecting the four-issue series. Jeremy and Robert Love, the creative force behind Gettosake Entertainment and the masterminds who brought comics fans Midnight Mover, now bring you the slickest, most stylish and suspenseful action thriller on stands today.

Dark Horse, paperback, 120 Pages, published June 2005


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