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FF Volume 1 : Fantastic Faux

Matt Fraction
Mike Allred

The Fantastic Four have formed a new team to guard the planet — and their wards in the Future Foundation — while they’re on an interdimensional journey: Scott Lang, the incredible Ant-Man! Jen Walters, the original She-Hulk! Medusa, queen of the Inhumans! And…Ms. Thing?! But how does the world respond when the new FF makes its debut? And how does Yancy Street respond to a new Thing? Then, it’s Valentine’s Day at the Baxter Building! So why does that spell trouble for She-Hulk?

Plus: Ant-Man has already lost a daughter, so watch what happens when he puts it all on the line to save Bentley-23! Learn the identity of the villain pulling the strings and pitting family against family as the FF undertakes a rescue mission into the Negative Zone! Dynamo creators Matt Fraction and Mike Allred reinvent Marvel’s First Family…NOW! Collecting FF (2012 ) issues #4-8, written by Matt Fraction, pencilled and with cover artwork by Mike Allred.

Marvel, paperback, 112 pages, published July 2013


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