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Fear Itself : Wolverine/New Mutants Premiere Hardcover

Dan Abnett

Amid the unstoppable force of Fear Itself, the mercenary black-ops group S.T.R.I.K.E. has taken advantage of the chaos and activated sleeper agents for one final, deadly mission -- and it's up to Wolverine to stop them! But in leaving his enterprising girlfriend, Melita Garner, to report from the ground, will his choice prove fatal?

Plus: The New Mutants fight the scariest beings you never knew existed! When strange forces snatch Hel from its ruler Hela, it's up to Dani Moonstar to fulfil her role as Valkyrie and save the day. Her team-mates are afraid of what will happen if Dani goes it alone, but will they abandon the X-Men as Juggernaut lays waste to San Francisco?

Collecting Fear Itself: Wolverine issues #1 to 3 and New Mutants (2009) #29 to 32, written by Seth Peck, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, pencilled by Roland Boschi, Robbi Rodriguez and David Lafuente, with cover artwork by Jorge Molina.

Marvel, hardback, 168 pages, published April 2012


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